*makes text post about food so it gets notes*

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"Your mom is gaaay!"

"Which one?"


[stunned silence]

Some kids are arguing on my street, one has lesbian moms. I fucking can’t breathe.

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Have you ever bullshitted an assignment so hard you basically laugh after every sentence you write

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omfg I don’t even want to come home anymore… it’s okay for one night. PLEASE JUST TAKE ME BACK!!!!!

Haha your girlfriend broke up with you. Don’t try talking to me again, you are out of my life forever. I told you I wouldn’t be here when you decide to come back. 

Job corps has taken up all my time and it’s crazy. ncidhepuigdpavfd I miss tumblr


if u dont think i’d do some fucked up shit for concert tickets then u are dead wrong 

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Mother: why don’t you go outside for some fresh air?

Me: image

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